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Marcin Malich

software developer
Wodzisław Śl., śląskie, Poland
49.9xxx South, 18.49xxx East

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My CV (english) in pdf and LaTeX format.

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army asm bash boost C C++ C++0x code css dev development electronics enginering instant messaging irc it jabber js LaTeX metaprogramming metal mfc malcom music national security networks programming perl php programming reverse enginering rock scripts security shell scripting SIP/VoIP sql software software development STL technologies telecommunication web winapi wxWidgets xhtml xml xmpp


me [at] malcom [dot] pl
malcom [at] o2 [dot] pl
me [at] malcom [dot] pl
malcom [at] jabber [dot] org
malcom [at] tlen [dot] pl
#dupa123 [at] IRCnet

My public GnuPG/PGP key: pub_key.asc
Key's SHA1: E072 3905 156B C27A E95E 3A8A F53F 0569 2B57 777A

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Welcome on my homepage!

Hi, my name is Marcin Malich, widely known as Malcom. I'm 40 years old software developer, currently living in Wodzisław, Poland.

I have good expirence of system and network programming and development cross platform aplication based on wxWidgets toolkit.
I love C++ and Perl, but sometimes I'm using other languages and technologies ;)

For over 1.5 of year I worked as software developer at WebInterpret, a french multilanguage online conference project. My major work was development and maintenance over dedicated softphone for the WI platform in C++ based upon wxWidgets and pjsip library.
Previously, for 3 years I worked as freelancer in web developmnet and software programming.

Currently I have completed my Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at University of Silesia in Katowice, Poland, and I will start soon my MSc at Military Military University of Technology, Warsaw ;)

In free time, I'm working on my most important project - xime, which is a cross platform IM client based on plugins, and blogging about IT, software development, C++, Perl...

For more info visit my other sites.

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